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If You Need A New Hobby, These 30 Subscription Boxes Might Help

Because (sadly) Netflix bingeing can only be your hobby until you run out of things to watch.

Abby Kass 1 hour ago
Sam Cleal 1 hour ago

Why Are So Many Influencers Suddenly Selling Beautycounter?

I am starting to wonder why all my favorite bloggers are joining this MLM, plus Megan Skalla dishes on her perfectly Instagrammable wedding, in this week's newsletter.

Stephanie McNeal 6 minutes ago
Jasmin Suknanan 6 minutes ago

Google Is Making A Big Change To The Way It Serves Search Results

Meet BERT, the machine-powered language processing technology, that Google executives said will better understand the context of search queries.

Nicole Nguyen 4 hours ago

Kim Kardashian Revealed That Kanye West Has Banned North From Wearing Makeup Until She's A Teenager And It's A "Big Fight"

While Kim admitted that Kanye has banned their six-year-old daughter from wearing makeup until she's a teenager, her husband further revealed that he doesn't think North should wear crop tops either because he "feels differently" now that he's a Christian.

Ben Henry 52 minutes ago
Farrah Penn 9 hours ago

31 Jokes Which Perfectly Sum Up The Experience Of Halloween In Australia

Who needs a ~spooky season~ when your nation's fauna could kill you at any given moment?

Julia Willing 10 hours ago

25 Makeup Products I'm Not Sure How You've Lived Without All This Time

"Where have you been all my life?" —You to these makeup essentials

Rachel Dunkel 9 hours ago

We Know What % Magic You Are Based On The Zodiac Signs Of The People In Your Life

Everyone's got a little magic, but definitely more if you hang out with Leos.

Tessa Fahey 9 hours ago

Can You Make It Past Level 40 On This Never-Ending MCU Quiz?

That's my secret, Cap. I'm always taking quizzes.

Tessa Fahey 11 hours ago
Samantha Wieder 10 hours ago

Hey YOU! Got Opinions? Yeah, We Thought So.

BuzzFeed uses polls to learn what’s important to our audience. Answer as many questions as you like and keep coming back for more!

A California Power Line Suffered A Malfunction. Six Minutes Later, A Ferocious Wildfire Was Born.

Despite shutting off power to hundreds of thousands of people, California's largest utility may still be implicated in a blaze that tore through Sonoma County.

Stephanie K. Baer 8 hours ago

Here's What The Cast Of "Lizzie McGuire" Looks Like 17 Years Later

Hey now hey now, this is what dreaaaams are made of!

Here Is What Tracee Ellis Ross And 11 Other Celebrities Shared This Week For #TBT

A young Brie Larson hanging out with Captain America kicks off this week's #ThrowbackThursday!

Brian Galindo 11 hours ago

A Hunter Died After The Deer He Shot Got Up And Attacked Him

A spokesperson for the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission told BuzzFeed News it hasn't yet found the deer.

The Astros Fired Their Assistant Manager After He Taunted Women Reporters About Domestic Violence

The team had initially denied a Sports Illustrated report about the outburst, which made light of domestic violence allegations.

Salvador Hernandez 10 hours ago
Marissa G. Muller 8 hours ago
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